Documentaire Vergeetmenietjes/Forgetmenots


In the small, closed care home Nieuw Chartreuse in the Utrecht neighborhood of Ondiep, 18 elderly people live. They all have Alzheimer’s disease at different stages. Their stories and memories are lost, sometimes fragments from the past come back. Their life continues in the protected environment of the home. The residents of the building on Laan van Chartreuse, just┬álike everyone else, need reciprocal contact. It prevents loneliness and gives a sense of ‘belonging.’ This contact is becoming increasingly difficult for older people with memory problems. For contact they depend on family and nursing staff and the world to which they have contributed in their own original way is far from them. Conversely, that distance also applies. Our ‘healthy’ society also tends to exclude and forget these people. And if a spotlight is focused on them, the media often talks about money (how can care for the elderly be cheaper) or the generation of understanding and empathy (the effects of Alzheimer’s on patients and families). In this short document it is emphatically about showing the residents in their value and as a person. Show moments in their lives and hear what they are proud of.

Director Pauline Wijnen

Camera Editor Mick van der Waag

Fotografie Marc Scheepers

Tekst Inge van der Waag

Color grade Gianni Grott Sound design

Elmar Peters

Pauline tel: 06 26 160 350